Single and available this coming Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret; you can still have a lot of fun on your own. Take time off candle-lit dinners and walks on the beach and let show you how to explore Southeast Asia as a solo traveller instead. Embark on a voyage of self-discovery with the luxury of a specially designed itinerary catered to your personal interests alone (no need for accommodating other’s demands). Below are some suggestions for a short, three-or four-day solo getaway that promises priceless memories, and won’t damage the pocket.

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos
Hotel: Inthira Vang Vieng, 2.5*

Adventure playground by day and party town by night, Vang Vieng, set on the banks of the Nam Song River, is the destination to unleash pent-up adrenaline. Travellers can choose from a slew of activities such as kayaking, mountain and cave climbing, hiking, hot air ballooning or tubing. Unwind at night with Laos’ version of bar hopping with uncommon activities like slides, rope swings and ziplines, or if you’re up for some company, get acquainted with some like-minded types at sanctioned socialising decks.

Not many know this, but a Lao-style steam sauna and massage is the perfect remedy to soothe those sore muscles after a long day of activities and a night out on the town. Providing an oasis of calmness and serenity amongst the craziness of this party town, Inthira Vang Vieng is a great base to experience what Vang Vieng has to offer. Rooms start from $S22 on

Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Hotel: Annam Junk, 3*

For soul-searchers and those looking for the ideal destination away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a few nights’ stay on a ‘junk’, a refurbished vintage wooden sailboat in the middle of the mystical Halong Bay should seal the deal. The idyllic limestone karts and islands, together with a thin layer of mist above the lakes caused by the chilly February weather create a breathtaking sight to behold – perfect for nature lovers.

Water activities such as kayaking abound within the bay, and travellers can choose to venture out individually to explore the smaller nooks that cruise ships are unable to reach. With inclusive meals, superior Vietnamese hospitality and a guarantee for a stress-free cruise stay, Annam Junk completes the authentic Halong Bay experience. Rooms start from S$153 on

Location: Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Hotel: Shining Angkor Boutique Hotel, 3*

Few locations in Southeast Asia can boast of being in a Hollywood blockbuster, but Angkor Wat certainly can, having risen to worldwide fame after it was selected as a film backdrop for Tomb Raider. Fame aside, this ancient temple that was rediscovered in the 1880s provides much to marvel about, not to mention its long history as holy ground. A fantastic location for solo travellers to explore at their own speed, you can wake up to catch the sun rise in between the peaks of the Angkor Wat, scale the steep steps of the Bayon Temple and examine the stone carven motifs on the ruins. This could take up to days for real enthusiasts!

Furnished with ornate Cambodian-style wooden furniture, the Shining Angkor Boutique Hotel in the heart of the city provides a wonderful respite after a full day of exploration. Rooms start from S$39 on

Location: Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
Hotel: P.P Erawan Palms Resort, 3*

For some, a solo trip could mean cutting off contact with the world to bask in some glorious me-time. If so, why not do it underwater – the pristine waters of Ko Phi Phi offer vibrant marine life and spectacular coral gardens. Diving in Phi Phi promises the opportunity to frolic with delightful small creatures and frequent sightings of turtles and sharks.Not a diver? First-timers can pick up their licenses under the talented diving instructors at Ko Phi Phi. One simply has to shop around the beach for a diving school and sign up for a PADI certified course.

Just a few steps away from Ko Phi Phi’s sandy beaches, P.P Erawan Palms Resort is one of the top choices for travelers who wish to unwind and relax after a full day of diving. Rooms start from S$184 on

* The above prices and deals are correct as of 17 January 2012 but are subject to change. Search with your preferred dates for travel to see the rates for your stay. All prices listed do not include tax and fees.

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