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    Any difference between 4GB/8GB/12GB/16GB RAM ?

    I'm still wondering is there any difference ?

    I'm currently using 4GB. But intend to move to maybe 8GB or 16GB.

    Maybe someone could explain a bit about these amount of memory ?

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    Oh ok. Is there any difference in the amount of it ?

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    My 2cents:

    If your everyday applications requires 8gb to run efficiently, having 4gb of ram will make your system slow.

    If your everyday applications requires only 4gb to run efficiently, there is no significant difference between having 8gb, 16gb and 32gb of ram.
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    Oh ok. That's better. Just a last question, how do I check on my RAM to see how much RAM is being used when I'm doing intense stuffs ? Is it via Task Manager ?

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    then again, with the dirt cheap prices of ram these days, you can never have too much of it. might want to consider ramdisk-ing your ram for high speed storage

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    task manager is the simplest and quick way to check your memory usage. if the memory usage is more than your physical memory, that means the excess memory usage is spilled to your harddisk swap space and this will slow down your system performance significantly. so, check how many excess and add the physical memory accordingly.

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    Download rainmeter for your desktop. The stock skins already have CPU and RAM usage meters.
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    I find 8gb to be the sweet spot for most people.
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    I also think 8gb is nice but recently read an article say 16 gb is the best!

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    ram no difference in how many GB if you never utilise them. only difference come when it uses more than what you have
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    You can always use unutilized memory as a RAMdisk. Great for a scratch drive for photoshop, games and such depending on the size.

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    Look at it this way in terms of cars, what is the real difference between a 2.0L and 1.5L toyota. Will it help you? If you drive long distances to Malaysia every week, a 2.0L car might be a better idea while driving in shit traffic inside a city like Singapore really doesn't give much of a difference.

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