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    folder access denied

    Windows vista crashed. (software crashed, hdd ok)
    put hdd to a win 7 system for files recovery.

    certain folders are denied access as the windows vista user had a password to log in.

    cannot access even tried gaining ownership to the folders or rather the lack of security options in the properties page.

    anyone got experience in this before?

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    Yes. I have.

    I use Mini-XP to boot and obtain all the files off it.
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    Create another user with the same name and password and try to access the files.
    If this fails, create another user with a different name, but with administrator rights.
    Delete the password of the original user. You should then be able to access the files.

    Failing which, there are some specialised programs that can take out the passwords or just copy the files.

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    Did something similar, didn't face that problem though...
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