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    Wireless router cannot support more than one device

    Hi all!

    I have a TP-Link, TL-WA901ND router. It's kinda weird but...

    When using the wireless router, I can connect more than one device (PC, laptop, smartphone) to the router. But only one device is able to use the internet! And only the first device that connects first, will be able to access the internet... The other devices will show "limited connection", and cannot use the internet.

    Is there something wrong with my settings? Or is it the router?

    This is the first time I face something like this... Please help me, thank you!!

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    Check whether how many wireless client it can take.
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    go to DHCP Settings.
    Check "Start IP Address" and "End IP Address"

    if all else fails, reset ur router
    i don't like TP link routers.
    I had one but had lots of problems with wireless. always cannot connect wireless to it
    reboot, reset also cannot work.
    I changed to another brand a few months ago.
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