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    128G msata SSD upgrade for Samsung NP900X1A

    Thinking of upgrading the Samsung NP900X1A SSD size, opened up the ultrabook took some pictures of the SSD as below:

    Does anyone know where can I buy a bigger capacity SSD that can fit into the Samsung NP900X1? I am looking at 128G to 256G capacity.


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    Searched the net and found this:

    MyDigitalSSD 128GB 50mm Bulletproof mSATA SSD | My Digital Discount

    Have just ordered one unit, cost USD179.99 plus USD5.00 shipping cost.

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    Whatever they like to call it, as long as it works and reliable, I won't bother to prove whether is it really bullet proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_disciple View Post

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    Received the MSATA SSD last night, cloned the drive and installed into the notebook and boot up successfully.


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