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    Root/Reboot/Reformat "A" Pad made in china

    Hi, May I know who can reformat my "A" pad, current problem- hanged, just would not reboot.

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    "A" pad? Made in China? I guess you can throw it away already. LOL. FYI, China's stuffs won't last long.

    I remembered years back I brought a "China iPhone", used it for awhile, it was VERY VERY lag, and it just somehow spoiled after 2 or 3 months.
    Now I've the original iPhone for about a year, it's still working perfectly.

    Well, back to your question, is there any battery included? Try removing the battery and boot the system up again.
    I think there's no way for you to reformat this "A" Pad, LOL.
    My name is Kelvin Yong. (:

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