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    rebooting at start-up

    Hi there,
    I have a Gigabyte UP43-UD3L mobo, 2Gb + 1 Gb Kingston ram and a GTS 250, antec neo 450 which was bought not long ago.

    When start up, my pc will quickly reboot a few times before this is a beep. Sometimes, there will be a long beep and 2 short beeps, I googled it, means that my graphic card is probably malfunctioning. However, I tried reseating the rams and it worked.

    Can somebody give me some advice? Should I get the rams checked? I don't have the boxes and receipts anymore, can I RMA them?


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    honestly, if it is working fine now. It shouldnt be a problem. Probably one of the parts wasn't sitted properly.

    Just go check if all ur hardware is working fine.
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    but the thing is, sometimes, it won't boot until I restart it several times.

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