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    Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 user pls come in...

    This is so far a solid mainboard, with all its function working propaly. Just that recently I found a weird issue with it. I can't seem to get my USB TV Tuner to work on my system. I've tried changing VGA card, reducing system to skeleton config, even updated BIOS... still my Avermedia Hybrid TV Tuner cannot see any images when I want to watch Tv with it. Only got sound but no image. I've checked the Avermedia website and they only provided clues like the USB must be running on USB 2.0, and mine is but still same problem. I have tried the Tuner on my laptop and it works fine. I am using 8800GT 512MB. Any bro has the same issue with USB devices on this board?

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    I have a crappy USB tuner as well, and when I used the included software that came with it, I would only get a picture probably 25% of the time. Usually there is no picture, just sound.

    I then tried using PVR-Plus (it's included with the newer version of my tuner card) and it was able to successfully use the tuner all the time. I haven't lost the picture once.

    I dont know if that software would work with your card, but it got mine working.