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    update intel bios?

    the situation is this: i wanted to update my bios, so i went to intel site and download the express bios update. for my mobo, it says that i need to update to version 1788 first after that can update to newest bios. when i installed 1788, it said my current bios was newer, but i installed anyway just in case. the update was successful (i went to bios setting, and saw that it's 1788 ok). then when i installed newest version 4092, it said "this program is unable to continue. internal system error: there is a programming or internal problem". can any1 know what's wrong?

    my rig: - xp mce 2005 sp2
    - mobo Intel Tappen D945GTP

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    noone knows?

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    i suggest you bring back to the shop you bought it from for help
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    Sounds like the bios update was corrupted or something, resulting in an unusable motherboard
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    hello hant-taiyou,

    I have the exact same motherboard and exactly the same problem. Any luck figuring it out?

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    bios corrupted liao lar...that's y you should check properly first before you flash bios....1 step went wrong,that's it...bring back to the shop you bought and seek help from them..
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