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    Is 45 - 47 degrees C Idle Temp normal or what?

    also i would like to know what is the safe range of temperatures and what is the danger zone. please advise guys.

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    I dun think so
    My C drive is idle at 29 and goes up to ard 35, with a Fan directly blowing on top
    My G however goes ard 35-40, but its a BT drive, so its always doing stuff..
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    Are you asking a general question about computer temps? Or HDD temps? I'm confused by the vagueness of the question.

    If it's CPU temps: depending on whether you're on high OC, 45 idle is fine, especially if you're on stock cooler.

    If it's HDD temps: hot hot hot, better put a fan in front of it - low speed is more than enough.

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    recently saw water cooling for harddisk. its extreme but really cool.

    idle temps are nothing. what's the load of that 45 deg idle cpu ?

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    you have a fever
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    no worries,
    my watercooled Q9450 running 46 to 50 idle... zzzz

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    uh what? WC @ 45+?

    what speed and vcore?
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    No worry. Yr cpu can live longer than you.

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    normal idle temp is 10-15
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    Quote Originally Posted by longsiew View Post
    No worry. Yr cpu can live longer than you.
    that's a horrible thing to say.

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