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    Reinstalling Windows

    currently i am using a 20 GB HDD and it is running low on space...decided to upgrade to an int 500GB hdd...and i dont intend to haf 2 HDDs..(besides the new 500GB should be faster) .

    how do i reformat the old HDD and reuse its CD key

    i am just afriad that after i reformat the 20 GB HDD...i wont be able to use the windows CD key on my 500gb hdd...

    anyone knows how to do it right whereby i can deregister the CD key b4 formatting?

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    Assuming u r using OEM copies of WinXP, its only allow for reformat only on the same PC (i.e with SAME hardware configuration)

    But of cos if u wish to try, u got to call up microsoft and have it reactivitated.
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    Alternatively U can "clone/ghost" your entire 20GB HDD to the new 500GB HDD then U can save the trouble of re-activating your OS and things like that (provided U are currently happy with how your OS is performing)

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    hmm...wad software u suugest i can clone with?

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    Y not to have 2 harddisk? First one is just for WinXp, all other things on the 500G HD.

    Safer also, if suay ganna virus can also isolate.
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    but the 20 GB HDD is kinda slow...5400RPM only..would it cause my com to slow down?

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    It will be slow as it is old, and maybe have bad sectors.
    I will rather install on the new hardisk.
    U may have to call up Microsoft and get a new key.
    MS has a local line here. I forgot the number....

    It is pretty easy. Except the answering machine part.... >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimar_crazy View Post
    hmm...wad software u suugest i can clone with?
    Acronis Home Image or Symantec Ghost

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    don't use the 20gb la
    old already
    spoilt and give you double work later
    u can clone with above advice
    or reinstall all better
    activate is easy
    don't worry one
    i do everyday activation by phone or internet so easy
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    for OEM License. sometime for minor hardware change like hard disk and RAM, it doesn't require to call MS for reactivate. it'll allow you activate using windows activation wizzard.
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    agreed with jowy_ham. Acronis true Image.
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