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    DVD shows "Incompatible Disc and Decoder Regions" when region is correct - Windows 7

    Currently running the latest CCCP, never had this problem till before trying to clone my HDD (failed) and installing vlc - not sure if vlc's reset preferences and settings affect that or not.

    I have some DVDs which are able to play, while some can't. As most of my dvds are region 2 (JAPAN), only the PV DVDs are affected. Concert DVDs are not affected.

    Tried a lot of 'solutions', like turning on UAC, reinstalling CCCP, uninstalling VLC, using dvd region killer, but none of them worked.

    VLC can play it, but got those scan lines which I hate. I'd prefer using MPC like I previously did.
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    try to use anydvd software to change your dvd region.
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