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    RC415t-am, highest processor this can support?

    hi ppl, may i knw for this motherboard, what is the highest processor it can support?


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    probably a old 65nm core2 duo. doesn't look quad core capable

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    Quote Originally Posted by lennardseah View Post
    probably a old 65nm core2 duo. doesn't look quad core capable
    Nope. RC415 is an old Radeon Express 200 series chipset. It will only support up to Preshotts at best.
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    erm anyone understand this?

    does it mean this mb can support "Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor up to 2.13GHz with 1066MHz system bus"?

    currently the cpu is "Intel® Pentium® D processor up to 3.4 GHz with 800MHz system bus"
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    c2d 65nm processor only... from E4300 FSB800 to E6400/E6600 with FSB1066 only ... those old cpu with FSB1333, C2Q and 45nm not support
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    thanks alot!

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