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    We are happy to announce that a custom "Like This Tutor" button has been recently implemented on the profile pages of all our listed tutors - so do show your support for your favourite educator by giving him/her a like (simply click on the button) today!

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    Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is most pleased to announce the elevation in rank of the following tutors in our latest promotion exercise: 1. Mr Heng (Sage Tutor - 7 stars) 2. Mr William Lin Xijie (Junior Grandmaster Tutor - 5 stars) 3. Ms Yap (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars ) 4. Mr Donnell Koh (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars ) 5. Mr Liu Ning (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars ) 6. Mrs Grace Ong (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars ) Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the good work thus far!
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    We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of Mdm Shiao Lea Yap, an extremely passionate former primary school teacher, within the ranks of our expert tutors.
    Congratulations Lea Yap, we hope you will continue devoting boundless energy to enriching the learning process for our young, and achieve great fulfillment for many more years to come!

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    It is with much delight that we announce the induction of Mr Andrew Kang, a veteran Physics educator with nearly two decades of experience teaching in secondary schools into our community of tutoring experts:
    Welcome on board Andrew, and may you continue to inspire and broaden the horizons of many more batches of students!
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    I am delighted to announce that PhD holder and former A*STAR scholar Dr Aw Junxin who specializes in Chemistry tuition is now a member of our carefully vetted circle of elite tutors:
    It is truly an honour to have you with us Dr Aw, best wishes for your teaching endeavors and may you engineer many more success stories in the classroom!

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    Mr Duncan Ang who is listed with us as a Sage tutor recently published two 'A' Level TYS titles; we have since added appended the relevant book covers to his profile:

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    Heartiest congratulations to Irwin's Study (whose founder Mr Irwin See is listed with us) for being named one of the Most Prolific Brands of 2020 - may you reach even greater heights in this new year!

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