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    Words of caution for all aspiring tutors-to-be.

    Primary and secondary school exams are just around the corner with around 1 month to go. National exams like GCE 'N', 'O' and 'A' levels are approaching as well.

    A quick look at tuition agencies website and forum would reveal to you that there is a sudden influx of tuition assignments, most of which are urgently looking for tutors.

    Now, before you apply for these assignments, bear in mind that you are on the losing end.

    Reasons why you are on the losing end.

    1) There is a 99% chance that you are called upon to perform ONLY a 1 month crash-course for the tutee and you have to surrender 50% of your first-month earning to the agency. If you earns SGD200.00 for the assignment, you would just be paid SGD100 for giving one month tuition and thats the end of it all. They don't need you after the exam hence no more 2nd month of full income. The tuition agency is a winner, the tutee too is a winner, but you ended up the loser in this case.

    2) If the tutee is one who really wants to learn and attain good grades, he/she would have sourced for a tutor at the beginning of the academic year and not wait till the last 1-month before exam. Any chance of you being hired back next year when the tutee enters a new academic year? NO. I won't be surprise if they have forgotten your name by then. These group of tutee would behave the same every year.

    3) Are you able to perform miracle within a month and turn a F9 grade into C6? Assuming you are no saint, the answer is NO again. It is not your fault, but nevertheless, blame would still fall on you. Your reputation would be tainted in no-time and you will find yourselves increasingly hard to get new student. When people spread rumour or gossip, they usually omit the essential details and you become the victim.

    Would tuition agency reveals to you that this is a 1-month crash-course and charge you a much smaller commission instead of 50%? I believe such honest agency do exist, but it is very rare. When i scout around and test out those "urgent" assignments posted by tuition agencies, many avoided my question as to whether the tutee will continue the tuition after the exam next academic year. Another question is, they can't answer me for sure how many lesson will i have with the tutee.

    In addition, some tuition agencies will tell you they will just charge you commission amounting to the first 4 lessons. They will tell you this method/way of computing the commission will be fair to you. However, do you really think this is fair? Did anyone tell you the tutee will definitely have more than 4 lessons with you? What happen if the tutee decided to have just 5 lessons and you ended up being paid 1 lesson tuition fee for teaching 5 lessons?

    To Moderator: I hope you can sticky this thread for the well-being and awareness of fellow aspiring tutors.
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    A good tutors best advertising tool is word of mouth, nothing beats being recommended by someone.

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    For urgent tuition assignments at the end of the year, we will inform the tutors to take note of the number of lessons given at the end of the assignment and we charge only 10% of the total tuition fees collected by the tutor as agency fee. We take the risk of the tutors not paying us after the end of the assignments but so far they are very honest and they contact me after the assignments and pay us promptly. This applied only to those who are taking O, A or N level exams. For other levels, if the tuition is discontinued after one month, our agency fees are negotiable and we work with the tutors for a fair amount that he/she is comfortable with.

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    Funny, a spam that upped an important topic.

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    Thanks for the advice[:

    What you have mentioned is very true!

    -aspiring tutor

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