Hi guys, got this router less than a year ago from M1. My 2.4Ghz network keeps on dropping the connection while the 5Ghz is working fine.

2.4Ghz will drop from 30Mbps to 5Mbps randomly even is using solo. Ping from the computer to router also spikes a lot. Using Macbook Pro 15-inch Retina 2014.

It was working perfectly up until about 2 weeks ago.

I have reset the router to factory settings, same problem.
I have updated the router to the latest firmware from the Asus website, same issue.

I tried using a different router DIR 826L and all my devices worked perfectly.

If I take it to your service centre, will I get 1 to 1 exchange the same day? The router I am using now is just borrowed and I have to return it very soon.