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    Trends UD-10

    Just to share something, I bought a Trends UD-10 recently after trying to find a good external usb soundcard (in a previous thread). I liked the simple approach of this unit and decided to give it a try. Best of all, someone brought it into Singapore so that made it even easier.

    Its main competitor in my book, the m-audio audiophile usb, is sold here at S$399 and has too much redundant features, so it lost out.

    See review here:

    The unit itself is well made and looks much better than the pictures in person somehow. Packaging was crap, and there wasn't any manual, but that's not important as the unit is easy to setup.

    The unit can be used as a DAC (but you'd have to use some crummy RCA converter from the headphone output), so it is mainly used for as a transport. In the transport option there are 2 types of coaxial output, 1 optical, and 1 aes/ebu.

    From the review I posted earlier you can see the interior of the unit. Power is regulated whether from usb bus or from external. I'm currently using the usb bus, and found the sound good enough already - the shop i picked up from didn't have the battery pack. It's going for promotional price of S$150 at Audiotrio now.

    Setting up is a breeze. Just plug-and-play. I'm using it with Vista with no worries. Will be using this together with my existing soundcard (for surround sound duties). No conflicts so far.

    Sound-wise, its very good at this price. I've not compared this versus the latest soundcards like x-meridien, but I am happy at the performance. Doing a brief shoot-out versus my Squeezebox 3 (which is 3x the price and I presume should be better than an internal soundcard), it proved reasonably close, although the SB3 wins in overall dynamics.

    If you have a decently transparent system with outboard DAC, and are planning on just stereo for the PC, this is a good investment IMO.

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    looks good, more option for a htpc to AV setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weib
    looks good, more option for a htpc to AV setup.
    Actually its more like htpc to stereo, cos this can't be used for surround sound. Just want to add when compare to my old audigy2zs (i know, crap card), its really a HUGE difference in sound (both used as transport only).

    yantronic, your post is interesting, but no power regulation? also, trends is a china company if i am not wrong, so already asian flavour.

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    ud-10 only selling at audiotrio now? $150?

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    imho as a transport only, its overkill for its price.
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    yup or headphone amp.
    just plugged in to try vs my claro and it still seems slightly better, but not so significant that you would want to trade off the features (unless you are using a 2.0 setup anyway).