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    Advise on audio sys needed


    I am planning to install a decent home theater system for my bto. fear stepping into audio shop and kena carrot. Would like to seek advise from you guys if possible.

    I have a spare yamaha rx-a820 receiver which were given to me. however, I have zero knowledge when it comes to audio.
    would like to seek advise on the set up

    - probably a 2 speaker set up, do i need to + 1 sub-woofer or does it come build in into the 2 speaker?
    - budget < $1k if possible
    - aiming for a decent set up for music/movie setting. not very particular with audio.

    many thanks!
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    Hi, as you mention assume you going 2.1 HT system but without surround which your amp is capable on..
    With less than one thousand budget you can get some decent bookshelf speakers at sim lim low floor shop and subwoofer as well..
    Since you not very particular in audio part so It doesnt matter in music or movie unless you going serious into how deep your subwoofer on movie can go and with good spl with low to none distortion then that other story, when bring back you need to do calibration on your room/living hall with a sound meter which you can use those android app if you dont have a handheld for just reference.. (set it at 75/80HZ for your hearing)

    For price in sim lim, if you not very particular in audio those whalfdalf are quite cheap as well as those active mission subwoofer but don't expect the best sound from them..
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    Ditto on the wharfedales ... dad used to own it for HT, decent price. City Electronics @ SLS Lvl 1

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