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    I know that I am bumping up an really old post, but just thought I might as well share my most recent experience with Jaben.

    Ordered UE balanced cables, arrived in a clear bag with no receipt. I am unable to confirm that product is even original, so tested on the spot, it works. Seems to be a really shady shop to me now.

    Item Ordered: 26-Dec-2017
    Item Delivered*: 27-Feb-2018
    *Well, call only came at 4pm that it is ready for collection.

    I was actually going to wait till the 4th month before I made noise about their "2-3 weeks delivery", guess they got lucky.

    Proof for my words:

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    In the 2-3 times I've gone there I've had a good experience, even though I haven't purchased anything there. I am slightly more wary now there though. They are not good at marketing and quality of the product is also low now. This could be a reason for there downfall and unsatisfaction of customers.

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