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  1. Ways to Remove

    I am encountering a problem that my homepage has been changed to without my knowledge and consent. I have tried resetting Google as my homepage but failed. This is really annoying. I use Internet Explorer and run Windows XP operating system. How should I solve this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
    Know about is a notorious website which is related to browser hijacker and adware. The web page seems to feature search service and it has ...
  2. How to Remove Effectively

    My browser was attacked by a critical virus about a week ago. Whenever I do a search and click on any link of the search results, I will be redirected to a website unrelated to my search query. If I type in a domain name to open a new tag, it will instantly lead me to a webpage called This is really annoying. I scan the computer with the antivirus program but nothing suspicious is found. How can I remove it effectively?
    What Is is a website associated ...