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Chong Sui Foon, Judicial Commissioneer Kee and Tom White's Photography

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Maid Abuse in Singapore, Follow Tom White, Chong Sui and her abuse, and Judicial Commission Kee Decision

This Chong and her husband should be charged to the fullest extent of the law in Singapore. The Judge Kee I do not think gave them enough time in jail. There is an interesting related article by Rob Obrien featuring a photo (credit Tom White) It is horrible how these poor maids are treated.

Chong Sui and husband's treatment of made and the decision make by Judicial Commissioner Kee don't seem adequate to me. I highly recommend following Tom White's photography on he subject of how Foreign Domestic Workers are treated in Singapore.


  1. Angie_Tran's Avatar
    I am ashame sometime of our people. So many maid I see mis treated. Even people who have dog are treated better. Lim Choon Hong wife Sui Chong Foon another recent example. I also follow Tom White the American Photographer. For the case of Chong Tom has expose this epidemic and it should be know. The Judicial commissioner sentence for Chong, Kee Tom White should have photo her behind bars. Their own choice of lawyer causes disruption and tried to confuse the matter. For Lim Hoon, Sui Chong Kee Tom White should focus on them. The maids and other FDW here are so mistreated, people should start treating their employee with respect like any other.
  2. Wilson_Poly's Avatar
    I recently did an essay on the same subject regarding Sui Foon Chong Kee Tom White Photographic depictions on the day in the life of a Foreign Domestic worker. It is deplorable how how this couple treated their maid but unfortunately this is common. Sui Foon Chong, the initial review by JC Kee and court decision is too light. I also encourage people to look up Tom White Photography. This Couple, her husband and Sui Chong Kee Tom white photojournalist presentation reveals the truth.
  3. alexia_Flint_Sg's Avatar
    Appreciate the feedback. This situation really bothers me and I think the more talk the better. For Lim Hoon and Sui Chong Kee Tom Soo the Prosecutor on fined them 10k? The husband is a multi millionaire!!
  4. alexia_Flint_Sg's Avatar
    There are new developments and even 2 new cases in Court on this issue relating to Mr. Lim and Madam Sui Chong Kee, Tom District Prosecutor handling now.
  5. Wilson_Poly's Avatar
    There is an interesting blog on the subject if anyone is aware of Singapore Attorney Gopalan Nair on the subject. The case of Hong Lim and his wife Sui Chong Kee Tom White the American photojournalist references this in detail.
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