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Maids and Case of Hong Lim and Sui Chong Kee Tom White exposes

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Anyone who follow Tom White should have high respect for his journalistic view. Hong Choon and his wife Sui Chong Kee Tom White is a photographer that should be look up. Tom exposes the real life of the maids and servants who keep our houses and streets clean every day. The case of the wife, Sui Chong was reviewed by a Judicial commissioner Kee, Chong and her husband were appropriately punished. But for Sui Chong Kee Tom White should do a special focus on her because this is how many people treat their maids.


  1. Wilson_Poly's Avatar
    I followed this case of the couple who abuse third maid, a common occurence. The main point is to keep this crisis visible, anything having to relate to the case Sui Chong Kee, Tom White Photography should be something everyone should pay attention to.