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Review – Transcend Ultimate microSDXC 64GB UHS-I U3M (TS64GUSDU3M)

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microSD cards are getting more importantthan ever, thanks to the need for high speed & high capacity storage tosupport those video capture devices such as smartphones, action cameras, dronesand body cameras. Today what we have in our labs is the Transcend UltimatemicroSDXC 64GB card that supports up to 4K high-resolution video recording.

Transcend Ultimate microSDXC 64GB UHS-I U3M (TS64GUSDU3M)

  • Capacity: 16GB | 32GB | 64GB | 128GB
  • Class: microSDXC UHS-I U3, V30
  • Read: 90MB/s
  • Write: 60MB/s
  • Warranty: Five-year limited

Closer Look

The card employs gold and black colour scheme. Well, not like it will actually affect the performance but in terms of aesthetics, it is very presentable.

Synthetic Benchmark



We took the card for a quick spin with the synthetic benchmark tool – CrystalDiskMark on Windows. While the read speed is about 5MB/s slower than the claimed speed, nonetheless it still acceptable. What really caught us by surprise is the write speed, which is about 25% faster than what Transcend has claimed.

Real World Usage



Moving onto the actual real-life usage, the results pretty much are identical to the synthetic benchmarks. The impressive 70MB/s+ write speed definitely is the key highlight here if you’re into 4K60fps video recording.

In our case, we used the card in our ASUS ZenFone 5 as a secondary storage for photos and videos. Even though the phone has 64GB of built-in storage, however, since I install a lot of games and the phone is capable of taking amazing photographs, sometimes I still find myself in situations where I constantly need to remove old photos.

Final Thoughts

The Transcend Ultimate microSD card has lived up to our expectations and performs extremely well. It manages to blaze through all the synthetic benchmarks and most importantly, provides a positive real-world user experience during our testing period. This is a memory card that is very suitable for users who often shoot photos/videos on their smartphones, action cameras and drones. The fast write speed ensures no dropped frames and the quick read speed allows high-speed media import so that no time is wasted. At the price of RM 189, it is very competitive even if compared to its competitors.

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