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choseal TB-5208 1.5m 4N OFC Digital Coaxial Cable $35.99

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choseal TB-5208 1.5m 4N OFC Digital Coaxial Cable OD13mm 24Kgold-plated plug cable for hifi Audio

Choseal TB-5208
High Definition Home Theater Cables
24K gold-plated banana plugs
99.99%25 Pure Oxygen Free Copper Wire
100% Spiral Wound Bare Copper Shield
Connectors:RCA to RCA.
Product Code: TB-5208(1 pcs)
Specifications:OD13mm 1.5m

Choseal is one of the best Quality cable Brands in China. We Only Sell Best Quality Products, Not the cheap one!
copper single crystal (the OCC) for the production of audio cable, audio cable manufacturing industry in recent years a major breakthrough. Scientific evidence: a high-purity single crystal copper is copper (high purity 6N), the entire root rod only composed by one or several grains, between grains and grain-free "boundary" or small "grain boundaries "(" boundary "will produce reflections through the refraction of the signal, causing signal distortion and attenuation), which has a very high signal transmission performance. In contrast, widely used in the production of oxygen-free copper audio cable (the OFC), the large number of its internal grain "grain boundaries" cause signal distortion and attenuation, resulting in signal transmission performance less than the single crystal copper.