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Hands on Transcend DrivePro 230

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Today’s dash cam is so much more a video recorder and some even contain useful and exciting features. The Transcend DrivePro 230 is a good example. It goes beyond the average and demonstrates what should be standard in today’s car cameras.

Let’s take a quick inventory of the basics: Sony high-sensitivity image sensor, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi connectivity, 16GB MLC-based microSD card included, Enhanced night view, Handy snapshot function, Built-in battery, G-sensor activation of Emergency Recording, the Android/iOS compatible DrivePro App. Now, let’s transition to a few of the noteworthy safety features: Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System, Parking Mode, Headlight reminder, Driver fatigue alert

The package includes the HD camera, suction or adhesive window mount, 3.5m cigarette socket power cord, as well as a color, multilingual instruction manual and 16GB Transcend SD Card.

As we examine the camera from the front, we see the wide-angle 130 degree glass lens that is capable of 720p or 1080p video at 30 frames per second, as well as a built-in microphone/speaker. The camera is constructed of a very durable black plastic finish. The DrivePro 230's GPS receiver can log GPS coordinates, date, and time into recorded video footage. GPS coordinates precisely locate where an incident happened so that emergency road services, police, or an insurance representative can respond more quickly.

Looking at the left side of the DrivePro 230, we see the slot for the micro-SD card as well as the Emergency Record button. The DrivePro 230 comes bundled with a Transcend 16GB High Endurance memory card built of top-tier MLC NAND flash chips, and tested under harsh environmental conditions. It can operate in temperatures from -25° to 85°C, providing consistent long-life durability and endurance. In the event of a collision, the DrivePro 230's motion G-sensor detects the impact and triggers emergency recording mode. This prevents overwriting of the file being recorded at the time. This feature can also be manually activated by pressing the red button here.

The right side contains the micro USB input for the power adapter, a similar adapter also being available to plug into a computer. The DrivePro 230 features a built-in, high capacity Li-polymer battery, so you don’t have to have it plugged in all the time.

The back of the Transcend DrivePro 230 has a 2.4” color LCD screen which remains on while you drive. There are also 4 buttons below the display which are used for power, video review and erase, menu and the last is for still shots. You can also take a snapshot JPG photo by pressing its right most button while it is in recording mode.

With the Sony Exmor sensor and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technologies, the DrivePro 230 can capture sharp, high resolution images and 1080p full HD videos at 30fps with extremely fine tonal gradation, even in adverse low light conditions and at night. An F1.8 aperture paired with the 130° viewing angle provide clear video footage, adequately capturing license plates and road signs throughout the day. Nighttime footage yields remarkable resolution with vivid details that can certainly be used as evidence

I haven’t tried it on my car yet but can find the sample video from Transcend

Rounding off its impressive basics is the presence of safety features, such as Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System, Parking Mode, GPS Conditions, Emergency Recording and Parking Mode. All of them are enabled initially but can be disabled through the device settings.

  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) – The DrivePro 230 is equipped with driving lane recognition and will recognize the lane edges rather quickly. When your vehicle wanders over to the left or right, you will be alerted by 3 beeps. It help keep you alert and safe while driving.
  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) - The DrivePro 230 has the ability to monitor the closing distance of objects to the front of your vehicle and alert you should it believe a collision may occur, during which the device will start beeping and a red square will display on the LCD display.
  • Parking Mode: When you enable Parking Mode, the camera will start recording when its sensor detects a movement in front of the camera while it is sleeping, the battery provides the power to run this Parking Mode operation. This function enhances vehicle security when parked
  • Headlight reminder: When the DrivePro detects poor lighting conditions, for example at dusk, or in dark places such as a tunnel and basement, the headlight reminder will automatically activate.
  • l Driver fatigue alert: To help prevent tired drivers from getting into an accident, the driver fatigue alert regularly reminds the driver of the need to rest after driving for a preset, driver-determined period of time.

Transcend’s DrivePro 230 is a user-friendly dashboard camera packed with innovative, high-demand features that are guaranteed to keep drivers safe on the road all at an affordable mid-range price tag. The camera offers a simple set up, intuitive interface and delivers reliable video footage, especially during low light and nighttime driving. Transcend throws in the added benefits of a 16GB memory card and two-year warranty, ensuring its place in the best dashboard cameras list.
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