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  1. Aircon Repair & Servicing Singapore

    Aircon Repair & Servicing Singapore

    An aircon unit that influences commotion to can be extremely irritating particularly if introduced in the room or some other area inside the home where clamor is an unbearable viewpoint. Laying down with a boisterous aeration and cooling system can represent a noteworthy test when it rattles the whole night. It is similarly hard to think straight and gather in a home office that has a boisterous aircon unit. Despite the fact that there is nothing ...

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  2. 7 tips to keep your aircon running longer

    Aircon is a costly purchase for many of us which can easily cost thousands of of dollars with each purchase. Constantly changing to a new air condition unit is not the way to go. Having worked with many contractors over a span of more than 10 years of owning an air conditioning, below are some tips which can be used as a guide line.

    • Working with a reliable aircon contractor
    Aircon Servicing
    The first step to owning an aircon unit that last a long time is the installation ...