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Alterations in Shopping Pattern with the launch of Amazon Prime Now in Singapore

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The Amazon Prime Now launch in Singapore on 27th July has put an end to the debacle of its launch since over a year now. The delivery was not made available on the same day but shoppers can now order and choose for delivery slots as per their convenience. The launch news has created quite a stir amongst the people and its competitors.
“This is a definite plus; Amazon has laid its hands on all categories at once which will speed the shift of online growth at once. Users will enjoy lower prices, faster delivery, price drops and big savings” said Mehul Jobanputra, the co-founder of the Singapore-based online deal and coupon community portal Pelando.
Let’s have a look at top 5 factors that will play a major role for modification of shopping consideration pattern in Singapore with the launch of Amazon Prime Now:

1. Online International Shopping
Singaporeans resort to international websites like Amazon, Aliexpress and Gearbest for shopping certain exclusive brands or owing to extra discounts as compared to the local online sites. Amazon in particular has been quite a popular option especially during its sale period and trust related factor.
The launch is ought to comparatively reduce the dependency of shopping from international websites majorly contributing to get rid of the extra import duties levied on the product making it more expensive.

2. More Discounts
Users can expect to save in more moolah! The local stores like Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee will lock horns with Amazon in order to compete with each other. The user is believed to be benefitted with the competitive prices offered due to the competition among the ecommerce sites. The Great Singapore Sale and Black Friday are the two shopping festivals to keep an eye on for big deals and discounts in Singapore, joining the list is the new entrant Prime Day Sale.
Amazon’s Prime Day Sale is hugely popular around the world mainly because of its insane discounts during the sale. The flash deals are sometimes sold out within minutes, as they are put up live. Users can definitely look up to Lazada if they follow the trend and start with the Live Up Sale along with the other competitors to match the rival sale pattern.

3. Grocery Shopping
Users can save a round of visit from large hyper-marts to small convenience stores like Fairprice and Giant for regular shopping needs. The major factor to bring in the joy will be the 2 hour delivery facility provided by Prime Now particularly beneficial for the grocery shopping.
Redmart and Honestbee are the top online key players for online grocery shopping available in Singapore. Amazon’s entry into this vertical will be a direct competition to Lazada who recently acquired Redmart.

4. New Product Launch Exclusivity
Electronics is a largely popular segment and the product is in high demand while the model is newly introduced into the market. Going by the trend, popular brands lately prefer to launch the product online with exclusive availability on a particular site. Amazon has also been an exclusive online partner for mobile phones like One Plus series and Xiaomi Redmi 4 lately.
Users should now be able to enjoy newly launched products coming to Singapore much sooner with the global giant Amazon Prime Now entry in the South-East Asian Market.

5. Trusted User Reviews
The top ecommerce giant Amazon is well known for its trusted user base and their shopping reviews. Along with the prize value another factor that develops the user credibility on a particular product is the considerate genuine user reviews. Learning from the previous launches Amazon includes its global reviews for new local users to facilitate better shopping experience.
User reviews is a major plus to work in favor of Amazon along with other factors that it brings along with its global experience.

It would be good to wait and watch the other competitors retaliate the super express services offered by Amazon while we enjoy the service available now.