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  1. Data Integrity Assured - Transcend StoreJet 25MC Shock Resistant External Hard Drive

    Even though there is a larger availabilityof external SSDs in the market, they are still considerably more expensive thantypical hard drives. SSDs are better than conventional hard drives as they arephysically more reliable due to the lack of mechanical parts. This is thereason why SSDs are much more preferred over spinning drives as a portablestorage device.

  2. Alterations in Shopping Pattern with the launch of Amazon Prime Now in Singapore

    The Amazon Prime Now launch in Singapore on 27th July has put an end to the debacle of its launch since over a year now. The delivery was not made available on the same day but shoppers can now order and choose for delivery slots as per their convenience. The launch news has created quite a stir amongst the people and its competitors.
    “This is a definite plus; Amazon has laid its hands on all categories at once which will speed the shift of online growth at once. Users will enjoy lower ...
  3. Pengamatan yang terjadi di dalam teknologi domino 99, agen bandarq, domino qiu qiu

    Robert menjelaskan mengapa pasangan kata-kata berikut adalah Oxymoron bagi mereka yang tidak berpendidikan finansial. Oxymoron adalah kata-kata yang saling bertentangan. Mereka adalah Investasi domino 99, agen bandarq, domino qiu qiu Aman domino 99, agen bandarq, domino qiu qiu Diversifikasi Portofolio Bebas Utang. Resiko berbanding terbalik dengan kontrol. Jika Anda memiliki lebih sedikit kontrol berarti risiko naik dalam investasi Anda. Rich Dad menyarankan Robert domino 99, agen bandarq, domino ...
  4. 5 Silly Share Investment Mistakes Even Smart Investors Commit

    by , Jul 27th, 17 at 04:55 PM (Will SGX Market Information Ever Rule The World?)

    Common sense is generally treated as the most uncommon thing in the world. People completely forget to use this common sense and commit these common mistakes. Similarly, share investment has some common rules which most of the investors forget to follow and commit some small mistakes. This not only leads to losing of handsome money; also, investors lose faith in ...
  5. don't stare into any laser beam

    If you think you see a green laser beam shooting. Well, I'm here to help keep you and your eyes safe from the damage a wrong laser pointer can do. The next thing to notice about laser pointers is the warning sign on the side of them.
    With the new laser pen we can therefore decisively improve the quality of our watches. A special stabilization electronics ensure that the light frequency of the laser always follows the natural oscillation of the resonator. The system captures and analyzes detailed ...
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