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How to Remove Redirect Virus?

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Basic information about is classified as a malicious redirect virus that can cause serious redirect problems on the affected computer. It pretends to be a legitimate website similar to search providers like Yahoo, Google or Bing by appearing as concise. However, it is just a browser hijack redirect created by cyber criminals to boost the traffic and collect information from PC users. Usually, the browser hijacker can be distributed via phishing websites, insecure pop-ups or advertisements or free downloads. Dangerous as this redirect is, it always damages the infected browser by messing up the entire settings on it. If computer users carelessly click on any source that contains this threat, their computer may be infected and their browsers are in chaos.
Once this redirect virus has infected a browser, it generally will take over the infected browser by modifying main items like startup page and frequently used add-ons. This threat targets many commonly-used web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Besides, if you download freeware or shareware from unreliable websites, you may get infected and even other potential unwanted programs or malware will be installed on your computer, which may put your compromised system at risk. Therefore, this site will come up when PC users try to run the infected browser or open a new tab on it. With advanced techniques, the browser hijacker may even block some common websites to stop users from accessing them and bring numerous ads at the same time when user browse the web.
Doubtless, the redirect virus should be removed as early as possible so as to avoid unwanted trouble. If the redirect virus keeps staying for a long time, it will do more malicious things in the infected computers, like downloading and installing other unfriendly browsers add-ons and collecting users' personal information stealthily. Namely, users' personal online data will be collected and sent to the remote hackers for their own benefits. Besides, the redirect virus will slow down users' computer performance, since it will consume lots of system resources when it is running in the background. What is bad, this redirect infection could run backdoor process automatically by using the system failure. With the help of backdoor, hackers can invade and control the compromised computer remotely.
Note that manual removal is a risky and time-consuming task that is only for advanced PC users who can deal with the process. It requires you to have certain level of computer knowledge and skills. Otherwise, any mistake occurs could make your situation go from bad to worse.
How to Remove Redirect Virus Step by Step?

1. Remove suspicious programs from the infected computer.
Click on the Start button and select Control Panel. Click on Uninstall a program under the Programs category.
Find out and locate the programs related to the browser hijacker. Click on the Uninstall button to remove them all.
2. Remove the add-ons or extensions related to
Internet Explorer:
Open IE, click on Tools and then select Manage Add-ons. When it opens a window, click on Toolbars and Extensions. Find out the extensions related to the browser hijacker and select them. Then, right-click them and click on the Disable option. Restart IE to finish the procedure.
Google Chrome:
Launch Google Chrome. Click on the Three-bar icon on top-right of the browser, select tools and then Extensions from the list. After that, click Extensions on the left side of the window. Locate the extension related to the browser hijacker, select it and click on the trash icon. Restart the browser to complete the procedure.
Mozilla Firefox:
Start Firefox and click on the tool menu from the top menu. Click on the Add-ons tab to open the configuration window. Then, click Extensions on the left side of this window. Now find out the extensions of the redirect virus and remove them from the browser. Restart the browser to complete the process.
Conclusion is a pesky browser redirect virus that badly affects users' online activity and should be removed as quickly as possible. If it can be timely deleted, your web browsers and your personal privacy won't be damaged by it seriously. When the browser is always redirected to, most people's first thought is to run their antivirus programs to have a scan, but the scan results may disappoint them. It can start as your default homepage automatically whenever you open the browser. In such situation, users can try the manual removal method to eliminate the pesky redirect virus effectively.
If you attempt to manually remove but can't find any suspicious programs on Control Panel, it is difficult to locate to the accurate folders and registry entries to delete the leftovers of the threat. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use a professional malware removal tool to have a scan of the system and clear the browser hijacker immediately and conveniently.