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Removal Instructions for

Rate this Entry has replaced my homepage of all my browsers. My Google Chrome has been compromised by it for a few days. Each time when I attempt to load favorite websites, the virus keeps redirecting me to a suspicious website promoting specific products. I wondered how this hateful stuff got into my machine since I have an antivirus program installed to protect it. How can I fix the problem? If you don’t know how to deal with the browser hijacker, follow the removal guide in this post.
Descriptions of is a new browser hijacker distributed by cyber criminals to pilfer important information for advertising purposes and it has the ability to ruin computer system. The interface of this browser hijacker seems as licensed search engine, and by this way, it tricks many computer users into taking it as the default search engine and browser homepage. It also pretends to offer some frequently-used functions like other licensed search providers do. By the help of the browser hijacker, you may usually have no idea how to reach to the website you need for the browser hijacker keeps redirecting your searches to a predefined websites which seem to promote specific things. When you click on a web link or watch videos, you will get many constant pop-up ads on the screen, asking you to download PDF files, install unwanted ads-on and purchase products. Moreover, the hijacker modifies your default search engine and browser settings, making you so frustrated. In this situation, you need to delete the pesky computer threat from your PC without hesitation.

Malicious as the browser hijacker is, it won’t not only mess up your browsers, but also affect your system performance. The hijacker
infection even degrades your system speed and modifies system files and registry entries to make system vulnerable to other additional computer threats. Unfriendly plug-in, ads-on, malware, adware and spyware will take this chance to slip into the contaminated system. Once the redirect infection invades your computer deeply, it is capable to trigger freezes, system crash and corrupted files errors. For instance, any unexpected freezes or corrupted .dll file error may result in system startup failure. Unfortunately, its built-in malcodes has the ability to aid it to avoid antivirus scanner. Thus, manual removal will be highly appreciated. is also responsible for allowing remote hackers to get inside the poorly secured system unnoticeably, with the purpose of gathering your financial account details, private or sensitive information and then transferring them to pre- determined server. Sometimes, you may find that your Yahoo email, Facebook and online bank account cannot be logined because the web browser has been messed up by the redirect virus. Don’t ever trust the homepage and search engine provided by this browser hijacker, for they only offer you misleading information and content. An instant removal is needed for the computer in order to prevent further system corruption.

PC users need to remove this virus to keep the infected computer safe. You can use powerful removal program to help you if you are not a PC expert.
Effects of the Browser Hijacker Infection

1. can not only get on browsers without permissions, but reset default structures of affected browsers without letting you change them back;
2. It shows up a lot of ads or pop-up links to disturb online sessions;
3. This browser hijacker would directly or indirectly lead to other malware infections.
4. This browser hijacker drastically slows down your computer speed by consuming lots of system resources.
5. This browser hijacker may try to collect your personal information such as banking account usernames and passwords and send to the hackers via a remote service.
Browser Hijacker Manual Removal Instructions

Since the advanced anti-virus software can’t do a complete removal of the browser hijacker, the manual removal can be one way worth trying. Frankly speaking, manual removal is complicated and difficult so that it is not suggested those computer beginners choose this solution. Users can use the manual guide here to eliminate this virus instantly.

Step 1: Terminate the related processes immediately
1) Right click on the task bar and select Task Manager or press the Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc composite keys to open Task Manage.
2) In the Windows Task Manager window, click on the Processes tab, find out all the related processes of and disable them.
3) Exit the Task Manager window.

Step 2: Remove related program from the Control Panel
1) Click on the Start button and click Control Panel in the menu.
2) Click on the Uninstall a program link below the Programs.
3) In the showing programs list, search for the unwanted program that is associated with the redirect virus and highlight it then click on the Uninstall.
4) Next, follow the prompt to complete the uninstallation.
5) Once finished, refresh the list and find out if the browser hijacker has been successfully removed.

Step 3: Clean from the browsers
Internet Explorer
1) Start the Internet Explorer, click on Tools in the menu bar then choose the Internet Options in the drop-down list.
2) Click on the Advanced tab in the showing window, then click the Reset button.
3) Restart the Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox
1) Open the Mozilla Firefox, click on the Firefox menu. Locate the Help then click on the Troubleshooting Information.
2) In the showing Troubleshooting Information page, click on the Reset Firefox button and confirm the reset request.

Google Chrome
1) Launch the Google Chrome and click on the Settings in the list.
2) In the Settings label page, click on Show advanced settings.
3) Click on Reset browser settings button.
Conclusion browser hijacker is really pesky and harmful for PC users, so it needs to be deleted from the infected computer quickly before it brings much damage to the system. Usually, this redirect virus slows down the targeted computer performance and stops you from using some programs on your PC properly. Once you click on a link, you will be redirected to a page which seems to promote specific programs. Many pesky ads will pop up on your screen, luring you into download freeware and even purchase some unwanted products. However attractive the interface of the hijacker infection seems, it is merely a risky computer infection not a licensed search tool that helps you browse various Internet Resources. You ought to pay close attention to online activities, and you need to get rid of the harmful hijacker infection immediately once your computer is targeted. The redirect manual removal is risky and you should find a professional redirect remover to enable you to delete the redirect virus effectively.