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UOL Introduction to Economics Tuition by Experienced First Class Honours Graduate

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Hello fellow students from UOL!

SMS/ Call/ Whatsapp +65 96515438 for UOL Introduction To Economics Tuition in Singapore.

There will be a change in the syllabus for UOL Introduction To Economics with effect from Academic Year 2016. As a result, the tutor has fine-tuned and tailored his lesson notes, mindmaps, practice questions and examination strategies according to the new requirements to ensure that his tutees will be able to achieve distinctions for their economics exams in May.

Tutor Profile:

The tutor achieved high distinctions for both UOL Introduction To Economics and UOL Microeconomics and has been tutoring economics for a total of 6 years. He has grasped what is crucial for the exams and has successfully spotted exam questions and this has helped his students to pass their exams with flying colours. Having graduated with a First Class Honours degree from UOL and awarded the UOL Academic Excellence Award, he provides his tutees with insights on how to study smart and perform well for the UOL exams.

Tutor's Exam Focused Teaching Methodology:

-Accelerating the revision of students by simplifying critical and complex concepts with the use of concise notes and concept mindmaps. Imagine studying just 20 over pages of his maps and revision notes compared to 200 plus pages of lecture notes and the subject guide(s)!

-Applying key concepts to a variety of exam questions to boost your confidence for the exams. It is essential that candidates are able to understand and apply the economics concepts to questions as the UOL exam requires more than just regurgitation and memorising of notes and past year paper solutions!

-Identifying exam trends and skills and addressing common pitfalls made by UOL exam candidates.

UOL Modules that I tutor include:

1. Introduction to Economics

2. Principles of Banking & Finance

3. Corporate Finance

4. Financial Management

5. Principles of Accounts

6. Statistics 1

7. Statistics 2

8. Maths 1

9. Maths 2

10. Microeconomics

11. Financial Intermediation

12. Investment Management

13. EBIZ

Thank you and all the best for the academic year ahead!

Student's Profile:

> Tertiary Student -- **Poly / Diploma / JC / MI (NYP, RP, SP, TP, NP, MDIS, Informatics, SIM, SAS, ACSI) **University (NTU, NUS, SMU, Imperial College, London School of Economics, University of Durham, Uni SIM, UOL, RMIT, SAS, MDIS, University of Southern Australia, James Cook University, University of Newcastle, London School of Economics, Manchester Business School, University of Nottingham, Melbourne Business School)