Profoto b1 x 3 (comes with the Profoto Bag)
Extra 1 b1 lithium battery
Profoto ocf 2’ beautydish silver
Profoto ocf 2’ octa
Profoto striplight 1x3’ WITH GRID
Profoto umbrella deep silver M size
Profoto ocf barndoor
Profoto ocf grid kit
Profoto ocf magnum
Profoto ocf zoom reflector
Profoto zoom reflector
Profoto air remote ttl-c for canon
Profoto ocf speedring x 3

Package includes all of the above.

Letting go as a bundle for $5500.

Condition: 7.5/10 for cosmetic condition

Functional condition: 10/10

For more details or interested, please contact Eight-138339-Seven.

Thank you!