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    Anyone knows if there a carpentry service that makes wooden computer case mods? hehe, trying my luck here. I'm seriously considering a nice, wooden furniture-like case that fits in with the other faux-antique furniture in my house.
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    anyone knows if there are any places that sell fixtures? mountings for racks etc..

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    Anyone know where can I buy a 6-32(M3.5) screw thread tap?
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    any1 knows where i can get alu sheets in the west area?
    Take note :
    1]Please confirm with me for Warranty/Box/Receipt/Condition if u want to purchase any item
    2]Item without warranty will be given 3Days personal warranty
    3]Any defects after the 3Days personal warranty will not be entertained
    4]Please check item before dealing or u can test it at my house
    5]Dealing location will be at [BOONLAY MRT or MY HOUSE]
    6]Priority will be given to those who purchase in bulk
    7]Any Bids below Starting Bid will be ignored
    8]Once Confirm any dealings please pm me your contact

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    Ng Eng Guan Industry & Supplier Pte Ltd
    2 Kallang Avenue 148 A / B KALLANG AVENUE INDUSTRIAL CENTRE Singapore 339466
    +65-6293-3650 +65-6297-2210

    Neoprene Rubber - For making rubber grommets

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    Anyone know where I can buy sound proof pad?

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    Hi, I need do replace my acrylic window of my casing as it cracked.
    Looking to change from clear to black transparent one.

    Any one know where can I go and damage ??
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    Smile Wood laser cut for modding


    We can laser cut wood or plywood to match your casing.
    Laser Cutting & Engraving
    We can also engrave, coat, etc to make it match your color, look older etc hehe.

    We previously done some casings for some of this forum, mostly in acrylic so time to try something else.

    We did such plywood casing for some electronic DIY, check our blog here Sound Machine.

    Hoping to see you
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    Cool die-cut and contour cut stickers

    Forgot to say we just recently added a new service: die-cut of color and printed vinyl stickers.
    Can be used to print and paste your own design, logo, shape; labels your cables and parts, etc...

    Sticker die cut and contour cutting services

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    United hardware alu quite expensive!
    I went there and the uncle said 1m x 1m x 2mm sheet costs $90.
    Anywhere to get cheaper?

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    You can try Teck Cheong

    They are located in King George Avenue, see

    We buy almost all our aluminium sheets, profiles etc from them, mostly for our signages work
    For your stated S$90 I guess you can get 2 sheets of 4ft x 8 ft

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    Any stainless steel machine shop? Need a machined block for my work.
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    Does anyone know a local supplier for 300 X 300 X 1 mm PETG, ABS, Polystyrene sheets?

    Product looks like this:


    Singapore distributors sell only in large sheets and not small sizes (they charge a lot to cut to small sizes)

    Thanks for any information gven.

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    hi sorry just want to enquire, I have a SilverStone SG-02. The panel which covers and has fan holes is removable, therefore I would like to cut some mesh holes for the PSU so that it can intake fresh air from the top rather then from the CPU and I would like to cut 1 fan hole for a 120mm fan. Where can I get this done, roughly how much would it cost? Thanks.

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