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    [Project Log] BLACK OPS II 2.0

    My original [Project Log] BLACK OPS II

    My previous project is as above. 3 years ago?

    Decided its time for an upgrade.

    The Core concept for the BLACK OPS II 2.0 remains the same.

    In the past month have procure the following items from fellow VRzone & HWZone forumers. Appreciate their friendly nature & also to accommodate my requested dealing location.

    1) I7 4770K
    2) 16 GB corsair vengeance
    3) 2 x Hot swap dock
    4) ARCTIC MX4 Thermal Paste
    5) 2TB WD Green HDD (awaiting to deal)

    & lastly getting a used GA-UD3H motherboard proves to be elusive.
    Currently still waiting for news....haiz

    And for lack of a better casing, my Antec P182 will remain.

    Will dismantle parts to give the casing a good wash.

    Other then re-looking into the cabling with the new addition & fixing the fan filters, no major modding for the case will be done.
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    Some photos of current parts on hand

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    Got the ARCTIC MX4 Thermal Paste couple of days ago as well.

    I plan to reuse the xigmatek's dark knight HS. Hopefully it will be able to install to the 1150 MB. (Corbell tech said should be able to but could not be sure)

    Anyone can confirm this?

    Keeping my fingers cross as i want to keep the cost down.

    Having thoughts about getting a PSU as well to replace the M12-500II.
    Seems to ran out of connectors after i last install a SSD about 5-6 mths ago.
    And now I have another HD & 2 hot swap docks to add-on.
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    Operation cleanup begins

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    A bunch of forms I drag out of the case

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    go wc & u don't need those sponge which retains ambience moisture resulting to parts heavy oxidation.
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    SSD: Samsung Pro 256Gb
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    Fittings: Bitspower

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