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    very nice mod

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    hey any idea where to get the black foam for the casing?.. its abit dusty thought of replacing it
    CPU: AM2 5000+ BE with CM V6 CPU COOLER
    Mobo: BIOSTAR TA770 A2+ AM2+
    Memory:Kingston 1x2gb ddr2 667
    Graphics XFX Ati Radeon 5770 1GB
    Storage:250Gb Samsung Sata2 8mb|160GB Hitachi SataII 8MB| 250GB Hitachi Sata2
    Audio:Altec Lansing ATP 3
    Display: Samsung 22" Lcd P2250
    Optical Drive:Asus Dvd writer
    PSU:Vantec Ion 2 600 Watt PSU
    Casing:Cooler Master Centurion C5 Black
    OS:Windows 7 Ultimate

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    haha that black foam...i threw it away...

    msi b75 ITX i5 3330, leadtek 650ti boost 2gb, gskill 2*4gb 1600,strontium HAWK 120GB,WD scorpio 2.5 BLACK 500gb 7.2 krpm,LG 22x DVDRW,Lianli pc-q08,FSP hexa 400w

    People nowadays wants small and powerful stuffs,they tend to forgot size has its limits.

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    my side panel got cracks the acrylic part
    thinking of getting only the side panel alone
    do you guys know where to get em'?
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    Anybody knows any good lobang for cheap rotary drills?

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    awesome idea to melt the plastic with soldering iron! thanks bro! some filing and sandpaper would finish up the job very well! will try with my spare CM5 case over the holidays

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    Just to keep the CM5 thread alive...

    Here's my very first com i put together. CM5 Case was bought at $15 from a nice bro here.. lots of oxidation on the front panels so i soaked it in coke overnight. Big mistake to leave it next to the sink cuz my mom threw it away thinking it was trash. Bummer. Got inspired by some of the guys here fitting a 120mm fan in the front so tried that out. Not much of a mod thou.

    To any bros who are considering cutting holes in their case for the PSU cables but don't have a cutter: you dont have to! with some patience and trial and error you can squeeze most of the cables thru to the other side!

    CM5 FTW!
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    Anyone removed the HDD cage, and has no use for it?

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    old post, but beautiful mods!

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    Didn't know that this thread that i start since 2005 is still here until my friend told me. Guess those r the days of CM5 user who r proud with their case

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    recently pick up an abandon CM5 casing at the staircase, bring it home for refurnishing. Saw some scratches but no money for powder coat, so try my hands on carbon fiber pasting for the first time.

    CPU: Intel Quad-Core Q9550 @ 2.83GHz
    Mainboard: Gigaybyte EP45-UD3P
    Memory: Kingston HyperX PC8500 2GB * 2, Kingston HyperX PC6400 2GB * 2
    HDD: Western Digital 80GB SATA, Seagate 500GB SATA inside Vantec NexStar 3 Black
    Optical: Sony 24X SATA DVD Writer
    Case: NZXT Lexa S
    Power Supply: Coolermaster eXtreme Power 650Watts
    Display: Viewsonic 24" LCD
    Graphic Card: Sapphire HD5770
    Sound: Zero DAC, Denon AVR-1708, Infinity Primus P152 * 2, Polk Audio Monitor Series 2 * 2, Sennheiser PC150
    Input Devices: Microsoft Reculsa, Logitech G3
    Mouse Pad: Razer eXactMat with eXactRest

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuniyo View Post
    haha that black foam...i threw it away...
    Wow, which keyboard is this?

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    all the mods are really cool, I wonder what the manufacturer thinks?

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