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    Smallest gaming itx gaming case, a4-sfx!

    who else is excited and already ordered this tiny case? =) cant wait to build the new nvidia card with it!

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    tbh, just be alittle cautious with the heat issue in smaller cases. Personally, I went with a Silverstone SUGO SG05-Lite Mini-ITX for 1 of my older builds and the heating was pretty bad. If youre intending to do simple stuff like web browsing and work it shouldnt be a problem. But, if you're like me running multiple screens whilst gaming, then you might want to consider something with better ventilation. (unless, of course, youre sitting in an air con room 24 hrs a day )
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    It looks awesome though haha, but I would not go with it since Singapore is so damn hot lol, the smaller case would have worse heat ventilation issue compared to standard ATX cases

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    This gonna be one of the most portable rig for LAN party lol

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    curious am I growing too ancient to still want to put a 2TB 3.5" HDD in an ITX?? hahah

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