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    Idea for $1000 build

    So I was tinkering around with my computer and realized it needed an upgrade. Decided to check out the prices of components and parts in Singapore and realized most of the items are awfully overpriced(based on prices from Sim Lim Square and Lazada) as compared to countries like the USA. So I thought why not try come up with a build below $1000 which can perform well without bottlenecks, while also leaving room for future upgrades.

    Please note: Prices are accurate as of: 25th August 2016 22:21 GMT +8. There may be room for improvement, I'm new to this.

    CPU: Intel Core i3-6100
    MOBO: Asus H110M-PLUS
    CPU + MOBO combo: $280 at Laser Distributor and Bizgram
    PSU: Super Flower Leadex 650W gold
    Casing: Sharkoon T28
    PSU + Casing combo: $216 at TradePac
    CPU air cooler: DEEPCOOL GAMMAX 300
    Price: $29 at BestBargain and Laser Distributor.
    SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
    RAM: g.skill ripjaws 16GB
    RAM+SSD combo: $232 at Tradepac
    Graphics card: Palit GeForce GTX 960 JetStream 2GB DDR5
    Price: $196 on Lazada
    Link: | 404 Error - Page not found
    Alternatively, the r9 380x, even comes with a backplate.

    Link: | 404 Error - Page not found

    The total cost of the abovementioned items comes to a total of $957.

    Do note that it does not come with an OS, you can buy it separately. If you know how, you can just get the product activation key cheap. I won't mention how, do your own research. If you find yourself lacking in space, you can get another 250GB SSD at around $120+ or a HDD for even more space. 4 hours of research has led to the conclusion that custom built PCs are really ****in expensive in Singapore(based on the normal prices from the price list in SLS). I will consider buying this build when I get a small donation of a million dollars, or if someone sponsors it.

    What do you guys think about this build?

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    Good build, but i think you don't really need 16GB of RAM haha, 8GB should be enough for most of the tasks now, if your mobo only has 2 RAM slots then buy one 8GB stick first then upgrade later when you have the budget (if 4 slots then buy 2x4GB first then upgrade later). Also, I would rather recommend Seasonic for PSU, and the combo you are buy for PSU and Chassis is a bit overpriced lol, you can actually find something cheaper for it (for me I bought Seasonic 620W Bronze and CM Elite 431 Plus for like 170-180?, still quite ex compared to US price haha). Would suggest that you buy spend more budget on your GPU (and R9 380X is definitely better than GTX960 lol). And technically, if you are ok with not having warranty, then just buy from amazon (free delivery above 125-130 USD I think), definitely much better

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    GTX 960 with 2GB for VRAM seems very weak though. I suggest that you find something better (if you can find R9 380X like you stated then that would be awesome)

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    16GB VRAM is overkill, bro. Save your money for better graphics card haha

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    Pretty decent build but 2gb on 1080p display kinda pushing your luck, luck the rest say 2x4gb ram would suffice ^^

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