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    [Project Log]: DIY iTX ATOM NAS

    Had been learning some new stuff, made myself an arylic bender and heard from a pal it was possible to make a RAID 1 ATOM330 NAS. Decided to try this, sorry that it's gonna be a long log, haven't figured out much and how

    NAS Configuration:
    ATOM2 330 ITX MB
    2 X 320 GB SATA (recyled and for trial, if it works probably up it to 2X 1 TB)
    1 X 1GB DDR 533
    And lots of arylic, some carpentry stuff...

    For my mATX or Full ATX rigs, I would stick to stand conventional casings, guess I like to have the option to customize my iTX stuff when they are small

    First to be made is the casing cover.
    Large sheet of black glossy 360mm X 510mm, grooved lines where the bending are to be done

    First bend 30 mm from the right edge

    Similarly, 30 mm from the left edge

    A view of the first two bends

    Two more bends done 100mm inside to create a casing cover frame
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    waiting for more updates. remember to post in ITX thread my friend!


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    Purest form of case mod. Even your bending equipment looks DIY'ed.

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    woah. looks great from start. good luck yo.
    The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows.

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    Thanks for the comments. I did diy the bending tool myself as the industrial ones cost too much. At the cost of an old hair dryer, mdf, screws and nuts. It cost less than 30 bucks. Excludes 300W PSU. Currently thinking methods of mounting a ide to sd card adaptor :-)

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    any pics of the bending tool? keen to see how it works
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    Quote Originally Posted by bozo View Post
    any pics of the bending tool? keen to see how it works
    Actually the bending tool can be seen in the background of the photo from the first post

    Mine is basic, just heat and use bend, would probably improve the build if I were to make a new one, e.g. a casing to enclose the PSU, proper switch panel, arylic plate holder, alignment tool etc..
    When I was building the unit based on internet research, I wasn't sure if it would work, so did not 'pretty-full' it, so it remains a basic prototype for me - kind of proof of concept.

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    Update for the day:

    Mounted the casing on 300 mm sliding drawer rails.
    Rails are mounted on 300mm X 240mm 1/2" MDF. The MDF is meant to provide stiffness for the sliding case.
    I have not decided on which direction the case cover should slide

    And for those wondering how big it is:
    It is 360mm long inwards, but roughly shorter than a standard can drink.

    Cheers and any suggestions can be considered
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    Mock up of how I visualize the back components should be

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    First Item:
    HDD Rack

    Sketch design (sorry for the poor lighting)

    Remove the excess

    Bending starts

    Fast forward.... to A Completed 2 HDD Rack

    And the space has sufficient clearance for a 60X60mm Fan (simulated)

    That's it for the week!
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    Very nice! Great DIY bending station. Would be great if you could also add in a small section as to how you made it.

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    I didn't really document the bending tool much as it was a trial.
    I could make a seperate thread if you want.
    Where does an arcylic bending tool thread belong to?
    In the project log section or the moding section?

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    another interesting diy project bro.
    quite interested in your bending tool and how you use it. i can't quite get the tight 90degree bend like yours when i use my 'aluminum' bending technique.

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    Been a week since last update, office work unfortunately has higher priority
    Murphy's law in play, design Vs actual is tough, and my own design requirements is taxing my own machining capability.

    Finished the HDD frame from last week.
    Start on the back plate design. HDD and PSU exhaust fan needs to be on it. (earlier mock up) shows it.

    Size of arcylic sheets I am used to working with, this covers my medium dinning table

    Cut out single piece that can sliding fit the external casing

    After one bend, and where the fan is to be placed.

    Decided fan exhaust do not need to holesaw, should be sufficient to drill holes for fan to push air out.

    Holes drilled out

    View of the fan mounted as seen from the back of the plate

    Got to probably find some NEW black mounting screws to match the arylic plate
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    Additional holes located on both sides of the fan is meant for the HDD rack mounting
    My design required rigidity of the HDD rack to the back plate when it's finished, otherwise there would be a lot of vibration and noise.

    So I decided that it had to be riveted down. Screws may not do the trick
    One practical Vs design headache.
    How does one see through black? or locate the position of the holes to be drilled that matches front and back.
    Will do more thinking of this on the next project.

    Simulation to see the fitting.

    Fits more or less.

    Back plate to the casing check.
    Dremel rounded the corners so that after mounting, it is able to slide into the case.

    Next item to make: PSU mounting bracket

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