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    [Project Log] BLACK OPS II

    Its been almost a year since my last (also my first) mod which i dubbed - Black Ops CM690

    Here is the link for the photos for the Black Ops CM690 -

    The core idea then, for the Black Ops CM690 was basically black & tactical. My inspiration for the Black Ops CM690 actually came about when i saw the Antec P182SE with its black interior. That was the start of my modding experience.

    Quoted from a HWzoner
    Quote Originally Posted by nickwh View Post
    I still remember your black ops 690....was rather inspirational and makes the earlier batches of cm690 users to become hand itchy...
    The thread I had posted in HWzone back then but somehow disappeared & the when question, the admin refuse to comment.

    So now that i got a 2nd hand Antec P182, I am really looking forward to upgrade my current casing.

    Firstly the name. I have decided to dubbed it BLACK OPS II

    The Core ideas for the BLACK OPS II are simple:-

    I love this colour. Will be sending it for powder coating (matt black) after i finish modifying the casing.

    With the P182's composite aluminium/plastic sides & their other features i hope it will deaden the noise further then the Black Ops (modified CM 690 casing).
    I will be using lesser fans this time round for the P182 as well as upgrading some parts ie. the motherboard, harddisk, more quieter ones

    Cable management.
    The plan is to route most of the wiring/cables such that it stays hidden from view. Overall look would be neat & clean including the back of the motherboard tray. which normally the case everyone (including myself previously) juz route the wires (or rather dump) at the back. So this will be quite a challenge.

    Apart from concealing the wiring/cables, the mod or routing need to provide ease & flexibility for upgradability as well, or uninstalling of parts (except of course the casing & as i forsee, the PSU as well)
    I have many frustrations in this area, eg. to remove the hard drive, i have to remove both covers instead of 1 as the connection is at the back. Plus i had to stuggle with all the wires i had route it at the back..
    So I have to mod/route it efficiently to minimize the effort when removing or upgrading parts.

    To be continued......
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    System Specifications
    (Updated 31/7/2010)
    (Updated 22/2/2013)

    Processor (AMD Phenom II X4 965)

    Motherboard (MSI 785GT-E63)

    Graphics Card (MSI Twin Frozr II 5850)
    Sold off the GeCube Radeon HD 3870 X-Turbo III & got a used 5850. Thanks god its as quiet as my previous Gecube.

    Got the ASUS GTX670 to replace the 5850. It is quiet even during load.

    Memory (2x2GB Team Xtreem DDR800 rams)
    Will be sticking with this pair of rams.

    Currently using the following :-
    1 x 250GB HITACHI Deskstar T7K500
    2 x 500GB HITACHI Deskstar P7K500

    These are now up for sale as gotten a 2nd hand 1TB Seagate hard drive. Now in the process of transferring files.

    Ugraded to the Dell UltraSharp U2410 today. Magnificient monitor.

    Audio (Auzen X-Fi Prelude 7.1)
    I have been using this Audigy 2 ZS sound card for around 5 to 6 years. Its a pretty good card and no intention to change.
    However came across a very good offer for the Auzen X-Fi Prelude so got it & sold off the ZS.
    Been using it i think 1 month plus. So far so good.

    Optical Drive (Writer -Nil Reader -ASUS IDE DVD-ROM (E616A))

    Recently sold off my LG GSA-H42N (18X) Super Multi DVD-Writer of 2 years. Wanted to upgrade to a sata writer.
    Now looking for a replacement. Hopefully a quieter model.
    As for the reader, i recently got a used ASUS IDE DVD-ROM (E616A) from a forumer. Its really quiet when reading. Have not tried ripping yet though.

    Power Supply Unit (Seasonic M12-500II)
    Currently using the Andyson 450W in my Black Ops CM690 for coming 2 years now.
    Already got a used Seasonic M12-500II for the BLACK OPS II. Tested it out & it is whisper quiet.

    Never really considered modular before as i know how to cable manage pretty well if i do say so myself. However now with this M12-500II, it certainly make my job easier.

    Keyboard (CM Storm Trigger)
    Retired the Logitech G15 in the storeroom

    Mouse (Logitech G500)

    Heat sink & fans
    Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283. Got it abt 3 mths back after selling my themalright. Using a Scythe SFF21F S-FLEX fan.

    As for case fans, i got the following in Oct 08' during froze's MO:-
    - 3 x Scythe 120x25mm SlipStream SY1225SL12M fans.
    - 2 x Scythe SFF21F 63 CFM S-FLEX 120mm

    Yeah. Its already 1 year & still BNIB. Actually wanted to use it for the Black Ops CM690 but then while waiting i have already fitted in the NMB fan from UVnium. So decided to keep it for my next casing.

    To be continued......
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    The original casing

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    Have already considered routing the IDE/floppy/sata/molex cables & have marked out some areas to cut to conceal them.
    The rear fan and some others have been cut as well.
    But they is still more to cut.

    Will be cutting out the grills for the 2 front case fan.
    Now i have to find a way to secure the filter to the filter door
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    ASUS IDE DVD-ROM (E616A) & Floppy drive + 7 in 1 Cardreader

    Unless i find a black card reader i will spray paint it black.

    I am considering either spraying or powder coating the cover of the DVD-ROM so that it will look consistently black internally.

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    I have decided to dubbed the casing BLACK OPS II instead of dark knight

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    Finally completed cutting all cable management holes & opening for the front case fan.

    One last item is to consider how to integrate a fan with a filter (which i have used for the Black Ops CM690 before) & the top fan spoiler .

    Once this is confirmed, the case will be ready for powder coating

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    Finally sent in for powder coating.

    Went to David's shop. Took a bus there. Tiring lugging the casing there

    He said mine need to sand blast first & will take abt a week.

    Was quoted between $60 - $80. Sounds reasonable.

    Hope it turn out well
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    Well, i have finally decommissioned the Black Ops CM690 and sold it off last night.

    I have already got back the P182 from david. The result of the powder coating is pretty good although there are some areas that was not covered. Which i intend to cover with the sound insulation mat so its not too bad.

    The overall effect to me was WOW!

    Been pretty busy lately & since i have settled the Black Ops CM690 and sold off the Andyson PSU last night, i finally got the time to take some photos of the new BLACK OPS II.

    Will post it shortly.

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    The casing frame came nicely wrapped

    The smaller parts wrapped nicely as well.

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    The rear

    Side of the 5.25 drive bays

    Internal 3.5” Drive Cage

    Internal 3.5” Drive Cage

    Power supply holder

    Lower Chamber 120mm Fan Bracket

    Internal 3.5” Drive Tray

    Expansion Slot Cover

    Fan guard

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    i7 4GHz ♦ Asus R2G ♦ OCZ Intel XMP ♦ Asus 5870 ♦ Crucial M4 ♦ Swiftech ♦ Koolance

    x4 3.5GHz ♦ Biostar 890GXE ♦ OCZ AMD BE ♦ Asus 8800 ♦ WD Veloci ♦ Swiftech ♦ XSPC

    Clearing watercooling and misc parts!
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    is ns really that hard???

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