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    rite or wrong, innocent or not, its still ok to ask...

    no doubt ts is young but we all make mistakes... hahahaa

    let him learn... who knows maybe he will grow up to be a security guard...

    at least gone are the days when outside kids just walk into your school and beat up your classmates... happy happy times

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    Quote Originally Posted by cygig View Post
    Why do I have a feeling that TS intend to do something wrong and then use those laws to counter the security guards in hope that they lack the knowledge of it and take advantage of the situation.

    As a visitor to your alma mater school, you are considered an outsider and it is up to the school and security guard to let you in. They dun let you in, but you insist and they kpkb I dun see anything wrong.

    As for the second experience, I believe that the security guards will not send him to police station if they did not find any evidence during the interrogation and body search. If they did really find something that would put your friend under suspicion, then the interrogation and body search is well warranted for.

    No charges file probably because there was a lack of evidence, example an item found in your friend's bag that has the price tag of Mustafa Center without receipt. Your friend can say he threw the proof of purchase away or did not take, while the CCTV fail to capture any footage of your friend stealing items. Again this sounds suspiciously like someone buay song after his theft attempt was caught by security guards.

    Sorry for my suspicions, those are purely my own unsupported opinions and should be ignored.

    Anyway, I am happy to see security guards being strict than seeing them slacking away. At least they are doing their job.

    nah. the school security guard really super KPKB to the max. we follow standard procedure sign in, he still scold us and talk crap like "respect my paper" (the sign-in paper), tell us to shut up, dun ask questions. ask him "u had a bad day?", his reply was "shut up, dun ask questions, just sign in, and write properly!". this type of people srsly need to wake up their idea.

    And btw, your quote "unsupported opinions" are truly false. TBH it is just as important for citizens to know their rights, and to know when others might exceed their authorities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trivolve View Post
    Hi, need some advice from ppl well-versed with Singapore law... I tried searching the Singapore statutes website but couldn't find answers...

    This is driven by some bad experiences by those private security guards.
    Once i walked into my alma mater school to see teacher, kena KPKB by the security guard until i srsly want to slap his face.
    Then got another time i shopping with friend at Mustafa he kena accused of shoplifting (walk near the exit the alarm beep), then the security guard escort him upstairs for interrogation and body search. I at that moment don't know whether they have authority to do that, so don't dare to call police. In the end they even bring him down to police station, but no charges filed. Another super dulan experience.

    1. Those security guard wear the slanted stripe rank = private security guard, not auxiliary police right?
    2. Can security guards arrest people? Under what circumstances?
    3. Can security guards conduct body search? Under what circumstances?
    4. I suppose security guard can record IC number for security purpose, but are they allowed to "exchange IC for pass" like military camps?
    5. Last but not least, do security guards have any other powers bestowed upon them?

    And importantly, where in the Singapore law does it talk about the power of private security guards?
    Private security industry is regulated by SIRD (Security Industry Regulatory Department). It would be good for you to contact the SIRD for any complaints or matter that you need to clarify.

    SIRD website:

    AFAIK, security guards can detain you, but NOT to effect arrest. They are also allowed to request for your identification, and to the extend of recording it down in visitors' record book of the place they are assigned to protect.

    Exchanging of pass - I believe this is very common. For condo, usually recording of particulars suffice. But for schools, well I visited my sec sch and they also requested identification for exchange of visitors' pass.

    Also note that some of the more ridiculous rules such as visitors cannot wear shorts, sandals, cannot have coloured hair, etc are actually made by the school, and the school asked the security guard to assist in enforcing such rules.

    I have contacted the MOE before with regards to visiting of alma mater as some of my friends were denied entry due to them wearing shorts, and having dyed hair (bearing in mind that they are now a complete member of public and NOT a student), but MOE replied that they give schools autonomy to decide if they allow ex-students to visit the school, and for any restrictions placed upon.

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    from this thread can tell how many of u were sleeping during lecture...

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    schools are strict now.
    as they do not want cases of their students being kipnapped or molest or whatever by total strangers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buaya
    AFAIK, security guards can detain you, but NOT to effect arrest.
    anybody can arrest... only the cops can charge (school teacher sit on student that is arrest liao... hahaha but ahboo sit on slug that is assault...)

    HOWEVER my warning here BIG BIG is tat if u arrest WRONGLY, than your backside will tear big big.

    there are other instances whereby "public" arrest police man...

    or other paiseh incidents like noobie policeman go yaya in army camp/gazatte area than kenna... hahaaa no comments liao...

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    Security Guard is to secure and guard mah.

    Your friend is thief so kana caught - it's the Security Guard duty to search him. can't let a theif get away so easily correct?

    The Security Guard not a police. but you in their land where they guarding. who know you might be a sicko lunatic and case trouble. they based on your look and their self instict, have the right to keep u out from their secured land.

    If you are friendly and look good, u r always welcome to enter their land, where they find u not a terror to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by booest
    schools are strict now.
    last time anytime can just walk in and settle the score in other schools...
    now got old uncle sitting by the door...

    things have changed.

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    Any legal expert here can advice Singapore shopping center staff can body search on human in Singapore?

    Probably should call police down if there's any Mustafa staff tries to body search.

    Also don't go into secluded room with their staff. Who knows what happen later.
    response to start bid & above only.

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    Private security guards are hired to protect private assets of the people across the Singapore. They can arrest you if you will try to interupt them or attack them as they have the authority. They can also search you if you will look suspecious. Thanks!

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    The only difference between the security guard and you managing a place is that he wears an uniform. simple as that. he is employed to represent the organization which you could also identify ourself.

    in the evnt of any incident, he needs assistance from the police. you can stop a suspect from leaving if you strongly feel an offence is committed, so does him. i don't know of any special power given to guards leh

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    I think security guards can take strict action aginst the suspecious activities. They have the authority to shoot at sight as well if someone tries to breach the security barriers. They can also serach anyone who looks suspecious or threatening. Am I right in this regard?

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