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    [YT] Gan Lulu’s Mother Attacks Her On “Lady Gua Gua” Talk Show

    Recently, the show hosted actress and model Gan Lulu and her mother, whom we reported about in February when they caught the attention of many Chinese netizens after the mother uploaded a video onto the internet hoping to help her daughter find a potential husband. Why did this video get so much attention? Because the mother filmed her daughter Gan Lulu naked after taking a shower. At that time, after netizens criticized the mother, the mother-daughter pair recorded another online video defending themselves, with Gan Lulu tearfully begging netizens not to attack her mother and that she only meant well.

    Two video clips recently uploaded onto popular Chinese video sharing website Youku by the “Lady Gua Gua” show itself quickly became viral. The first video is titled “Mother reveals that Gan Lulu “had sex” when she was 1-year-old“. After 3 days, it received over 1.7 million views, 20k downvotes, and 1900 comments over 65 pages:

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    these women are mad....
    reveals her daughter naked...
    reveals her sex life in TV...
    hits the daughter...
    and the daughter says "my mum hits me because she loves me"...

    messed up

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    Her mother i think got mental problem one...Why bring her on to tv shows sia?

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