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    NEED Help to buy electric toothbrushes

    I wan to ask whether wat brand and model is good..Juz visited my dentist. let me know any recommendation..budget...below 50..

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    below 50 hard 2 get lei...oralB all dese might b gd budden ex..
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    Quote Originally Posted by SYY
    below 50 hard 2 get lei...oralB all dese might b gd budden ex..
    or u all juz tell me the model n brand i try my very means ti get

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    Quote Originally Posted by expire123
    or u all juz tell me the model n brand i try my very means ti get
    There is no spoon dah.. maybe go read up on reviews?
    Whatever floats your boat...

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    Just go to the household department at tangs or taka...and have a look around..
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    currently using this model. about $22 for the whitening function brushhead(orange bristle), but the replacement brush cost $18 for 2x brush head
    consider entry level.
    performance wise, personally its better then manual brush. cant compare to those expensive one as i didnt have those.

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    its not the instrument that concerns you, its the consumables; the brush head replacement.

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    aiyah.. to me manual ones still the best.. unless u have prob with yr wrist.

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    i got a Oral B electric toothbrush for 39.90. Come with a charger stand. Think this is good enough.