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    MediaCorp Radio fined for bra stunt

    MediaCorp Radio fined for bra stunt
    Fined $15,000 by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for airing a segment deemed "controversial" on a morning show on 987FM.

    Radio FM987 No Bra Day-Strip Your Bra Competition 1 of 4:

    Radio FM987 No Bra Day-Strip Your Bra Competition 2 of 4:

    Radio FM987 No Bra Day-Strip Your Bra Competition 3 of 4:

    Radio FM987 No Bra Day-Strip Your Bra Competition 4 of 4:

    MediaCorp Radio has been fined $15,000 by the Media Development Authority (MDA) for airing a segment deemed "controversial" on a morning show on 987FM.

    When contacted by Today, a spokesperson for MediaCorp Radio confirmed the fine and added: "We accept MDA's decision and recognise that the segments could be seen as being controversial. We sincerely apologise to those offended by the segment."

    The radio segment in question was entitled "No Bra Days With The Muttons" and involved DJs Justin Ang and Vernon A (The Muttons) timing how quickly wannabe models vying for the popular FHM Girl Next Door Award 2007 could remove their bras — without removing any other clothing. When quizzed about the stunt, the MediaCorp Radio spokesperson told Today that at no point were the contestants forced to participate and, in fact, they had accepted the challenge voluntarily.

    The radio segment was broadcast between 9am and 10am over three mornings in mid-March, each one lasting about five minutes and involving different groups of contestants. Video clips of the segment were posted on MediaCorp Radio's website and eventually made their way to the video website YouTube.

    Asked if there had been negative feedback from the public after the shows, the MediaCorp Radio spokesperson said there had been no complaints.

    The first brickbats surfaced about one month after the stunt — in an article entitled "Sexy or Sexist" published by The New Paper (TNP).

    In its report, TNP quoted several people, including the former president of women's group Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware), Ms Braema Mathi, who labelled the stunt "distasteful". However, the paper also quoted several others who said that the stunt "was fairly tastefully done" and "it's just entertainment, nothing to be taken seriously".

    Two weeks later, TNP ran another story "No room for the shock jock?" which stated that "the MDA is investigating whether 987FM had breached the Radio Programme Code, after a listener complained that the stunt was offensive". The code states that broadcasters "should observe standards of good taste and decency".

    Shock jocks are DJs who attract attention by using humour, which a significant portion of listeners may find offensive.

    Quizzed about having the 987FM DJs labelled "shock jocks", the MediaCorp Radio spokesperson said: "To put matters in perspective, Justin Ang and Vernon A (The Muttons) are not shock jocks as portrayed by some. In the almost two years that they have hosted the morning show, they have built a good track record with their signature goofiness and wacky, heart-warming stunts."


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    hahaha...mutton soup tio fined..

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    huh... you can get fined for being controversial

    oh no.... than every doctor, professor, scientist, lawyer, judge fark every professional cannot have an opinion as it is always controversial to either the left or right wing groups..

    IQ -?

    but than again.... left fine right that makes even less sense

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    i wonder how they did it....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    - Crazy Mama - says (9:57 AM):
    me shy

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    damn...i juzz watched the videos today morning
    the girls were really hot...
    mayb next time they hold an underwear or jockstrap stunt
    (but i wont watch XD)

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    hahaha y tio fine... i loved tat segment!!
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    ok noted

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    next stunt: remove panty

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    Quote Originally Posted by weixiang
    next stunt: remove panty

    Get Yan's DIY Cables!!!

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    Welcome to singapore...

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    fark lah Sg ...dont be so narrow that also censored. Must be those old hags with sagging tits complain. Cos they got nothing to show....sour grapes

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    Spore is such a 'fine' country...

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    They seriously need to grow up. So annoyingly conservative

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    seriously, i didnt even bother about this whole thing

    i cant even be bothered to watch.

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    Over there loh...
    Up is down... seriously...

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