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    On-duty doctor sleeps while woman in labor forced to deliver on toilet

    Chinese Woman Gives Birth In Toilet While Doctor Sleeps – chinaSMACK

    According to the Chinese news report above, this occurred at Nancheng People’s Hospital in Dongguan of Guangdong province in China where a woman had gone to have labor induced. The journalist rushed to hospital find the woman involved, “A Lan”, but discovered that she had already left the hospital. Another patient said she left two days before. When the journalist later found her, “A Lan” said it was the hospital who had her leave.

    ““He said that someone will tell you to go pay the bill. After paying the bill, he then told me to go to the 6th floor where I was then given 800 kuai.””

    Several days before, A Lan’s came to the hospital accompanied by friends and family to induce labor.

    “I think what I was doing [inducing labor] can be considered surgery. When I was already in a lot of pain, he should’ve helped me to the delivery room, and if the baby came out there then there’s nothing for me to say. I was completely out of strength, and he let me have the baby in the bathroom, and he didn’t even come when the baby came out.””

    What happened was that on September 13th, A Lan received two injections to induce labor but did not feel the pain of contractions until the morning of the 15th two days later. At that time, her friends and family went to find the doctor but could not find him after several tries.

    “It was especially painful at that time, so I told the ayi [hired help] to call the nurse. I said I couldn’t take it anymore.”

    A Lan recalls that because it was so painful, she herself kept pushing wanting to give birth herself. In her pushing, he water broke and she bled. Around 6am, she felt like going to the toilet and had her friends and family help her to the restroom.

    “Not a single person came, and we even asked for him. He simply stood there saying it wouldn’t be that quick. At the time, I was in unbearable pain, I said I might as well just die.”

    Other patients in her room also attest to no doctors showing up at the time, and a nurse said the doctor was sleeping, that A Lan’s circumstances were normal and to have her hold on/bear with it a little longer. Before A Lan went to the restroom, the other patients had already seen that she had bled a lot. The nurse had the ayi change the sheets.

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    And the point of this thread is? Can we do anything about it?

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    Singapore is part of China. Hahahahahaha