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    Talking Ministers caught sleeping during Lee Hsien Loong's ND Rally speech

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    dunch like tht mah..expose them. hahaha..sit there so long of cos shag la..
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    I did not sleep! I did not sleep!

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    hahah these pics really brighten the midnight...

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    That guy in the 2nd pic on the extreme right not sleeping what....
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    you need a new tv, their eyes too small

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    they will be in pm lee office tml

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    Mmm. who is the guy in white besides Senior Minister ? Never see b4..

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    Big Ben
    will u get charged?

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    no leh they are carefully listening to the speech while visualizing it in their head

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    Quote Originally Posted by Civicguy
    Mmm. who is the guy in white besides Senior Minister ? Never see b4..
    his gardener

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    Did they talk about ODEX? I'm just wondering..

    aiya.. MM Lee so old liao.. give him a b reak.. he needs the reset..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhiBer
    Did they talk about ODEX? I'm just wondering..

    aiya.. MM Lee so old liao.. give him a b reak.. he needs the reset..
    and get paid 3m to rest?

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