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    Platform doors to be installed at MRT stations next year

    Platform doors to be installed at MRT stations from next year
    THIS latest incident highlights the need for screen doors on platforms of all above-ground MRT stations.

    The Government announced in January that it will install the doors first in Jurong East, Pasir Ris and Yishun stations next year, and the rest by 2012.

    Transport Minister Raymond Lim had said that such incidents disrupted train services and inconvenienced many commuters, especially during peak hours.

    It has not been decided how high these doors will be or what form they will take, but they will be of a 'sufficient' height and yet still allow for fresh air to circulate, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

    Calls for installing such doors started about four years ago. The subject has also been mentioned in Parliament whenever someone strays onto the tracks.

    The number of such incidents has been on the up: from an average of 16 cases a year in 2004 and 2005, to 30 in 2006 and 31 last year.

    But each time the subject was raised, SMRT and the LTA raised the 'cost effectiveness' question, given the number of such incidents. The LTA also said the cost of the doors could eventually be borne by commuters in the form of higher fares.

    But Mr Lim has explained that, with such screen doors being adopted in transit systems worldwide, their cost has come down.

    LTA confirmed that the cost has fallen by a quarter, but declined to give specific numbers.

    Read the words in bold;p
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    Whatever floats your boat...

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    if one wants to die....there's all ways to it
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    next year then install until 2012 ar.... Hmm...guess we need more jumpers year on year to bring the date of completion earlier.....

    7.30am to 9.00 am, Mon - Fri (Excl Public Holiday) is the best time......

    Everyweek 1 or 2 can liao...

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    hahaha, wat an excuse for another fare hike.

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    blame it on those who commit suicide or think its fun to push ppl down to the track...

    this time i do agree that we commuter should bear some the cost of the door installation...

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    argh ... fare hike again

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    this is good

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    but fare hikeagain z

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    woot..and up goes the fares again....

    but its a good installment la....if they up fares for this sort of reasons den i guess its acceptable
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    The party that builds the station should pay for it as part of design refinement. I know they would then recover the cost from the commuters.

    I will stay clear of other sensitive questions.

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    So many suicide disruptions and lives lost in Hong Kong MTR before we had our MRT. But Singapore government didn't think of installing platform doors back when we first built the MRT. After that then say retrofitting all the platforms will cost a bomb and fare hike will be passed to commuters.

    Funny how LTA's answer to increasing ERP gantries and prices is that people should take public transport, then they quickly go and raise public transport fares.

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    cfm fare hike again.....sibei sianz...
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    A rumor I heard was that a person who was at that scene said it was rush hour so actually there was no indication that the person jumped. There's a very good chance he was pushed accidentally.

    It would actually be funny if you squeeze your way to the front of a morning crowd to be the first to jump in the path of a train. If the person was pushed by an over-zealous crowd then it actually makes more sense.

    You have gain.

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    they say will increase cost, yet they report rising profits...

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