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    North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Uses HTC Butterfly

    N Korea’s Kim Jong-un favors HTC phone: report
    NEW FACE OF HTC?The North Korean leader was photographed with what appeared to be its latest model, likely to avoid ‘extra burdens’ from other firms

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears to be using a smartphone made by HTC Corp (宏達電) of Taiwan, rather than Apple Inc of the US or Samsung Electronics Co of South Korea, to avoid extra burdens, a South Korean newspaper reported yesterday.

    The Seoul-based Korea Joong-Ang Daily, describing a picture published on Jan. 26 by North Korea’s official Central News Agency, reported that Kim was in a national security meeting with a black mobile phone next to him that looked like an HTC model.

    The South Korean Ministry of Unification, in charge of dealing with North Korea, speculated that Kim’s smartphone was the latest HTC model, based on precise analyses of images and data, the newspaper said.

    The smartphone is most likely used to communicate with Kim’s family and his cadre in the Workers’ Party of Korea, the report said.

    Kim’s choice of an HTC smartphone is mostly likely an attempt to avoid “extra burdens” from using Apple’s iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy series, the newspaper said, citing the ministry.
    The report added that North Koreans are not permitted to access the Internet via mobile phones and are only allowed to use them for voice calls and text messaging.

    There were 1.5 million mobile phone users in North Korea as of November last year and the number is forecast to grow at a faster-than-expected pace to 1.7 million in the

    HTC does not have any official stores in North Korea. The company decided to close its South Korea office in July last year to streamline its operations and improve efficiency.
    Source: N Korea’s Kim Jong-un favors HTC phone: report - Taipei Times term, the report said.

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    The news say its hTC J leh....
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    can someone please give him a different hair cut?
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    He could also have chosen the made-in-china phones, like xiaomi or oppo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidd View Post
    He could also have chosen the made-in-china phones, like xiaomi or oppo.
    Higher trade in value? Hahaha
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    It will be big news if he uses a Samsung
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    Maybe "Small Rice" from China is not yet available in North Korea....
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    Quote Originally Posted by booest View Post
    can someone please give him a different hair cut?
    well... it looks like this...

    and lucky he didn't wanna have a tattoo of the vein...

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    wtf CARES?!
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