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    Legal age to ride/drive is 18, but your insurance will be very very high.

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    I think that it works similarly in almost all the countries. People can have driving licenses at the age of 18, perhaps there are some exceptions, when a person drives a car when he/she is 16 or 20.

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    Driving is quite similar to the Forex trading as both are risky if not properly handled and practiced. You need to know the rules and regulation of driving at the road and for me 18+ is the legal age for the driving. At this age, one has a strong grip on his maturity and mental strength.

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    I think age of 18 is the legal age when you can own a driving license in most of the countries. In the US, UK, and many other developed countries, it is the age when a boy/girl holds all legal rights related to property, driving, and many more. Am I right folks?

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    Every country has its own laws, in some it's allowed to drive aged 16, in others -- aged 18, and there are countries where you can drive only reaching the age of 21. I think, that the optimal age is 18.

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    The legal driving age in singapore is 18 years. To get the Qualified Driving Licence (QDL) in Singapore, 18 years is the minimum age. The link for proof is

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    yeah 18yo.
    if u ask me, i think i would prefer my kids to drive only after 20yo.
    18yo still a bit risk-loving and reckless

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    I think the driving rules are the mostly broken rules in the world. Driving a car is an addiction which comes in the people at very little age. But, I think the legal age for driving at the highways is 19 years after acquiring the driving license from the relative authority. Am I right?

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    I think that eighteen is the legal driving age in almost all the countries. There should be strict punishment for underage drivers. The reason is that youngsters look for the adrenaline rush through fast driving. They need to remember that fast speeding thrills but kills. Please, educate your kids.

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