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    What App do you use EVERYDAY? But people hardly know about it

    Hoping to try some new App for my phone

    List the App you may recommend here~(IOS, Android, WP......all welcome)

    But these App can not be known by many ppl

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    bug.n gives multiple-workspace and TWM functionality in W7.

    ImageBatch is great for batch-processing images.

    waifu2x-caffe is the best jpeg-deartifacting program I've ever used. Its primary purpose is an image upscaler for 2d illustrations however.

    PushMonitOff is nice to have if you're an energy-saving or anti-screen-burn-in freak. Press shift+F1 to turn off the screen. That is literally all it does.
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    sumoner wars.
    dream league sccore
    crossfire legends

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    Swype - basically allows to swipe your words it instead of typing, can't get used to normal typing once you try this out.

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    What sort of apps do you need? Do you need games or something useful?))

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    I for example enter Clash of Cans every day. It's a cool game for strategy lovers.

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    Dataly is the app I use everyday but I do not think many people would know about it. The app excellently save my internet data by diabling the apps manually with a single click on the homescreen. It saves 20-30% data usage monthly which is quite amazing. Do you people know about it?

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    Reddit app on iOS. Kinda like it.
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    I use truecaller everyday. A lot of people have never heard of them. This application tells you who is calling if he/she is registered to truecaller. It blocks any unknown person. You don't need to worry about spam callers anymore with this app.

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    I used to play a Catch up which is a great mindtesting and quick responsive game. I play that game whole day but I do not think most of the people know about it. I would recommend you people to install it on your androids and test your mind right now. You would love it!

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    I have been using this app called Truecaller. It has many amazing features but majority of the people don't know about this. This app helps you show the identity of the person who is calling you. It also blocks out contact that you don't want to talk to. All you need is an active internet connection.

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