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    Rape is the greatest crime you can do to humanity. How can a person move out of the trauma cause by it? And how can a person marry his/her rapist and expect to live a normal life? if anyone has a solution for it, please be my guest.

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    i think the father should be sentenced to death.
    this is a bloody sick crime

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    I think we have to take care of the moral values that our community, religion, and country give us. If someone tries to damage these values then he is surely committing the strong crime for which he must have to be punished. No compromise on moral values guys!

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    Rape = wrong

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    I don't know what kind of man he is. How can a man remove all his conscience and do such an act? The authorities need to give him the maximum possible punishment. Acts like these disgust me and shows how bad is the world. What are your thoughts on this guys?

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    What has the world come upto? This shows that the people are becoming sexual animals. We have made sexual content everywhere that peoples are turning into beasts. That person needs to be punished severely. Please, don't tell me that he is mentally unstable.

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